15 March 2017: Don't stop the rhythm

Idea Camp left us an unbelievable (although pleasant) hangover, but as you know we cannot stop plotting new things, so have a look at what we are preparing for the next days...

Next Wednesday March, 23 we will take part to the Webinar: Funding options. Fundraising and crowdfunding, organized by the web on associationism and volunteerism xarxanet.org, where we will be together with Emilio Romero from the Project Advisory Service of the Pere Tarrés Foundation . We will talk about the Goteo crowdfunding model as a tool for funding non-profit projects. So if you want to get started, check these past webinars.

If you are part of an organization which funds projects, or if you plan RSC actions, or if you basically are a philanthropist, register to our seminar Becas with Crowd: Multiplying the public-private funding impact with Goteo.org. The meeting, which will take place next Thursday March, 29, will let you know about how new digital technologies are shaking up the relationship between funders and projects to be funded, as well as they are improving processes which are more transparent, open and participative. Check the program here and register here.

Furthermore, remember that this midnight is the deadline to submit your innovative project to the matchfunding call Strike a match for Education, promoted by the Europeana Foundation, in cooperation with the Goteo Foundation. 10.000€ are available to funding up to three projects proposing ways to reuse digital and open content from Europeana and applicable to the secundary education.

And finally, you have time until May, 23 to submit more innovative proposals intended to involve the education community. The matchfunding call at stake is Fem Educació. Let's do Education and it is encouraged by the Jaume Bofill Foundation, together with the Goteo Foundation.

If you want to find out more projects dealing with renovation or intended to provide continuity to consolidated and necessary for the Community initiatives, check the highlights of this week :)

Post-Colonialism and language
Publishing the catalan version of the Ngugi wa Thiong'o's reference book about african
Descolonitzar la ment
By: Idealibros
Descolonitzar la ment
Categories: Cultural
Publicació del llibre "Descolonitzar la ment" de Ngugi wa Thiong'o. El llibre és un conjunt d'assajos sobre política cultural. En ell pretén desplaçar de la literatura la càrrega del racisme i del prejudici posimperialista. Thiong'o és professor de la Universitat de Califòrnia. Va ser empresonat i va viure a l'exili per culpa de les seves dures crítiques al colonialisme britànic. Per entendre el colonialisme i poscolonialisme a l'Àfrica cal llegir a Thiong'o, sobretot per...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.800 _ Optimum € 8.624
Remaining: 19 days
Renewing the web
To continue being the most important thematic web in Spain and Spanish language about Solidarity
Nueva plataforma web de la economía solidaria
Nueva plataforma web de la economía solidaria
En la última década la economía solidaria se ha consolidado con una alternativa sólida y estable. Ha crecido el número de empresas, la facturación y los puestos de trabajo y se ha irrumpido en nuevos sectores como la energía o las telecomunicaciones. Necesitamos una herramienta potente para continuar ofreciendo alternativas de consumo responsable. Para hacer frente a estos nuevos retos, hemos decidido renovar el portal web economiasolidaria.org para que tenga mayor incidencia social...
Co-financing: Minimum € 19.000 _ Optimum € 25.500
Remaining: 24 days
Hats meeting
Ensuring continuity to the traditional walking through Rambla Cataluña.
13a Passejada amb Barret - Paseo con Sombrero
By: Passejada amb Barret
13a Passejada amb Barret - Paseo con Sombrero
Barcelona’s Passejada amb Barret (Stroll with a Hat) is a day for everyone, a fun and relaxed gathering in which thousands of people come together to wear their hats. From wildly inventive to elegantly discreet, young and old, all unite to show their love of hats. This year’s edition takes place on Sunday 30th of April 2017 and to accommodate the large number of participants, instead of starting and ending at set points like in previous years, the participants will stroll at their...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.510 _ Optimum € 6.510
Remaining: 17 days
Bilbao for everyone
Improving a multipurpose and independent space wich supports the social change.
Construyamos Zirika! Herri gunea
By: Zirika! herri gunea
Construyamos Zirika! Herri gunea
Categories: Social
“Zirika herri gunea” is a space aimed at social transformation and political imagination. A multi-purpose and self-managed space. Help us take a step forward to build up a city of Bilbao for all. With the same excitement we had when we started and fuelled by the social response that “Zirika herri gunea” is having, today we are living this project’s consolidation. And this implies several improvements of the space and new challeges, which will only be possible with your support...
Co-financing: Minimum € 8.000 _ Optimum € 12.000
Remaining: 26 days
Goteo est une plateforme digitale pour le financement participatif, pour la collaboration et la distribution des récompenses pour le dévellopement de projet social, culturel, artistique et technique.
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