15 February 2017: A lot of ideas this month!

February is filled with a lot of ideas and innovation, with the focus on education...rhyme is included :)

Our Platoniq team has been working for several months on the 3rd edition of the Idea Camp, that this year is focused on Moving Communities. From 1 to 3 March, 50 Idea Makers, coming from 24 european countries, will meet in Madrid for sharing ideas and creating together. Co-produced by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), the Madrid City Council, and in cooperation with Connected Action for the Commons, the event will focus on positive and resistance movements which challenge and counteract the undemocratic practices. It will consist of workshops, idea development sessions, walks, discussions and meetings with local agents. It sounds good, isn't it?

And let's go on with more education-based matchfunding calls. Next Thursday 23 February we will launch the call Fem Educació. Let's do Education, encouraged by the Jaume Bofill Foundation. 40.000€ will be available to detect, ease and encourage up to 20 projects from the education field. Stay tuned!

By the way, you are still on time to submit your project to the matchfunding call Strike a match for Education, promoted by the Europeana Foundation. Remember that 10.000€ are available for cofunding up to 3 innovative projects which use openly licensed material and which are relevant for secondary education.

And speaking about brilliant ideas as well as practices, wake up from the winter torpor with these projects advocating the independent thought, the democracy, the lifelong learning and the land.

Social Journalism
Independent research for achieving two television programs of social interest.
By: DespiertosTV
Categories: Social, Communications
Despiertos es un proyecto independiente de periodismo dedicado a la investigación de asuntos de interés social. El equipo de Despiertos, compuesto por periodistas y profesionales del sector audiovisual, ya ha publicado tres programas que han sido elaborados con fondos propios (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9WAf7I8kPACZ-ACvm6b-zQ) y busca apoyos para realizar dos nuevos capítulos (objetivo óptimo) libres de la influencia del poder económico y político. Cada programa, que supone...
Co-financing: Minimum € 9.600 _ Optimum € 19.200
Remaining: 24 days
Public Action
Judging the abuses committed by the financial and politic system in Spain.
By: proceso a la banca española
Categories: Social, Communications
Proceso a la Banca Española es una acción pública no gubernamental, inspirada en el Tribunal Russel, para juzgar los desmanes cometidos por los poderes financieros, políticos y reguladores durante esta década de crisis social que vive el país. Motivos para este proceder los hay: los bancos, mejor dicho, la codicia enfermiza de los responsables de estas instituciones son los causantes de los males a la que se ha sometido a la ciudadanía. Esta ha quedado indefensa desde el mismo momento...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.600 _ Optimum € 9.100
Remaining: 25 days
Permaculture centre
Improving soil quality, designing ways to make the most of resources, learning how to live
Boodaville Fundraising 2017
By: Anna Gurney
Boodaville Fundraising 2017
Categories: Ecological
The Boodaville project in Calaceite, Spain is a non-profit association with a mission to educate and inspire about environmental and social issues. We share knowledge about permaculture - a set of tools and principles which can help anyone and everyone design their lives to be not just sustainable.. but regenerative. Boodaville started as an individual project by Anna Gurney in 2010 then in 2016 the association was constituted. At the Boodaville site, among many other things, we are...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.000 _ Optimum € 4.500
Remaining: 33 days
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