🌱 If the second law of thermodynamics maintains that all the processes that occur in the universe are carried out in such a way that disorder always increases, and therefore entropy, is the human will to order and give us meaning a position contrary to life?

🤗 This week will be different in the newsroom, as the entire Foundation team meets in a new space, for 3 days of coexistence, to share the path traveled and decide together where we want to go. If the day to day leads us to entropy, it will be in those brief days, that we are going to rebel in syntropy to carry out a series of conscious actions that promote restructuring and internal balance. We will do our best and we hope to continue offering you the best of us!

📬 In this newsletter we present you, as usual, 3 campaigns that excite us. We are talking about "the mother of all crowdfundings" embodied in a campaign to strengthen independent journalism; the small and brave initiative of a self-managed publishing house that is committed to bibliodiversity; and the creation of a documentary, inspiration in this bulletin, to discover regenerative agroforestry techniques as a radical change of vision by no longer placing ourselves at the center of the world. Free information, poetry and concrete action in the medium are our guide to continue advancing and our best wishes for you. We continue!


LoNuestroEsDeVerdad 💜

💜 As you know, we have called this campaign THE MOTHER OF ALL CROWDFUNDINGS because it wants to become the largest in the history of Goteo.

✊ The goal is to reach €250,000 so that La Marea can continue doing real journalism with the best possible means. Journalism to change reality. In just 7 days it has already reached the figure of €25,000, which is outrageous, but there is still 90% of the way to go.

👉 If like us, you want to promote a means of communication free of political and business interests, collaborate today in goteo.cc/lonuestroesdeverdad.

Kriller71 📇

Kriller71 📇

📝 Kriller71 is a publisher based in Barcelona that for ten years has been publishing independently and self-managed poetry, essays and "hybrid" narratives that do not fit within the canons of classic fiction.

📚 Its commitment to bibliodiversity and a catalog where divergent and rare voices stand out in the most traditional editorials is as risky as it is necessary in the face of currents of unique thought.

👉 Help support independent publishing in this difficult time through goteo.cc/kriller71.

Sintrópica 🌱 

Sintrópica 🌱 

🌱 This documentary wants to record the trip around the Iberian Peninsula that three farmers and trainers in agroecology will make, to spread syntropic agriculture: a philosophy that seeks to produce food without compromising the health of ecosystems, protecting and promoting biodiversity.

🏡 The adventure promises to be a huge source of inspiration and hope in the face of the great environmental and social challenges we face.

👉 If you also feel that the conventional agricultural model is leading us to a dead end and diversity and cooperation is the solution, join this project at goteo.cc/sintropica.

First great week in PiztuMETA!

Primera gran semana de PiztuMETA!

🤗 The 7th edition of the PiztuMETA matchfunding call began with its usual strength and has already raised more than €30,000 in just one week.

😙 Have you already taken a look at each of the 15 projects? There is everything: documentaries, opera, reggae, fashion, workshops, puppets...

😜 Everyone is waiting for you goteo.cc/piztumeta2022.

Summit 🌱 

Summit 🌱 

😅 That's what we call the meeting we've had this week with the whole team to spend a few days together! In the style of large meetings between organizations, but you can imagine that nothing is further from reality.

❤️ With the idea of reviewing everything that has been worked on this year and planning the next one, there have been two days of many presentations made by the colleagues in each of the offices with their work areas: Communication, Participation, Inclusive Democratic Innovation, Strategic Planning and Administration, all of us focused on our main lines of action: Future Culture, Inclusive Democratic Innovation, Citizen Empowerment, Social and Solidarity Economy, Culture and Organization

🙌 These lines are already written on the night of the second day before dinner and with all the good work already done, ready to celebrate. Impossible to summarize in so little everything that we have presented, debated and experienced this team present in Palma, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Rome, gathered in a beautiful house that has been our shared home. So we leave you with this beautiful image and our promise that we will unravel everything planned here, so that you can get to know it and ask us anything you want. 😉

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. In case you still don't follow us on all existing networks and for having, remind you that 👉we have Telegram Group of Platoniq Foundation and Goteo. Click on the links and follow us!👈 We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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