🧐 In the dictionary, we can read that "not knowing the ABC" can be understood as "being ignorant." It is the most natural state of the world, as every creature is born not knowing. Fortunately, with interest and curiosity, we end up observing the world with its differences, singularities, and marvels, realizing the endless array of options and nuances it offers.

💫 That's why, on this occasion, we want to celebrate with you Pride Month, when the LGBTQ+ communities around the world come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves. Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, and "+" encompass all kinds of sexual orientations and realities beyond the ones mentioned.

📬 In this newsletter, we travel by air, sea, and land with the translation of an essential book in the new reality of the queer and anticapitalist perspective, the visibility of cultural references specific to the Galician underground scene, and the consolidation of a community project in Vallecas that already houses over a dozen mutual support and direct action collectives. Take a look at them with love, for as Butler said, "Whatever freedom we fight for must be freedom based on equality."

Desviades 🏡

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💪 The victories of the LGBT movements, especially the spread of same-sex marriage, have accelerated in recent years more than most people believed possible. However, the subsequent birth of a kind of "gay normality" has been bewildering for activists with more radical approaches. A whole neoliberal, "homonormative," and "homonationalist" gay imaginary and market that leaves out those who deviate from the new norm, whether they are intersex, transgender, queer, non-binary, racialized, or others.

🥰 At Sylone Editorial, we believe that there is currently no book in Spanish bookstores that provides such a comprehensive, wide-ranging, and intersectional exploration as Peter Drucker's work, which can be a tool for building new alliances among transformative social movements from a queer and anticapitalist perspective.

📚 If you also want to publish this book to contribute to the dissemination of international LGBTQ+ debates within Spain, promoting the recognition and material exercise of rights for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, collaborate with us at goteo.cc/desviades.

Delirio Sketchs 🎬

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👁️ The Delirio Sketchs are five campy and trashy chapters, with a duration of ten to fifteen minutes each, filled with intense and feverish humor, addressing various issues that affect our society through surrealism and highly intellectualized delirium.

🤗 In the first chapter, "The Fundamental Issue of Territory," the focus is on the lack of our own cultural references and the consequences this has for Galician society. Different windows of conflict are portrayed through irreverent sketches. With a mix of choreographies, songs, reports, and standout moments from the Galician underground fame, the sketches function as parts of a whole and serve as different mirrors of the kaleidoscope that is our reality as Galician individuals.

🌿 Join this call of the digital, pop, and underground Galician culture that deserves audiovisual representation at goteo.cc/deliriosketchs.

La Villana de Vallekas 🌆

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🗣️ This project involves the renovation and equipping of the future social center, after a decade of working for rights, to reaffirm the political commitment and strong dedication to the neighborhood, its people, and the struggle for a dignified life for all.

🫂 To achieve this, they will acquire a premises that will serve as the new social center of La Villana de Vallekas, which also needs renovation and equipment to accommodate the activities of advocacy and activist collectives through social unionism. Their objective? Better living conditions and rights in all aspects of life: labor, housing, education, healthcare, culture, diverse-affectionate, anti-racist, and more.

✊ Strengthen mutual support, direct action, legal self-defense, and the building of collective resources today at goteo.cc/villanadevallekas.

New LGTBIQ+ Channel 🌈

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🤗Are you looking for funding for your collective? At Fundación Platoniq/Goteo, we kick off Pride Month by inaugurating a specific channel, goteo.cc/lgtbiq, where we celebrate and advocate for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community. Here, you will find ongoing and successful projects to inspire you and launch new initiatives as well.

✊🏽 As you may already know, we work every day to achieve a safe, equal, and equitable environment. There is much to be done, so we are convinced that our greatest contribution is to support those who are committed to continue moving forward.

😜 In addition, this month we will be hosting a specific workshop for newcomers to #crowdfunding. To participate, simply sign up using the form found at goteo.cc/tallerlgtbiq.

😌 Furthermore, we invite participating projects to apply for the LGTBIQ+ Channel 2023 call, as they can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Inclusion of the campaign in the channel as an aggregating space to give visibility to LGTBIQ+ projects.
  • 1-hour personalized advisory session via video call, along with support from our advisory team, starting from the project creation phase.
  • Special promotion of the campaign on social media and in Goteo's biweekly newsletter.

ℹ The only requirement to be part of the call is to have created the project on Goteo before July 20th. It is not necessary to launch the campaign before that date; having a first version of the project is sufficient. 🌈 Happy Pride Month!

Would you dare to become a Deliberation and Citizen Participation Specialist? 🤗

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👋 Hello! Do you feel as passionate about what we do as we do? Well, now is the time to join our team! We are looking to expand our staff with a new Deliberation and Citizen Participation Specialist. If you are passionate about social change and excited about the power of crowdfunding, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

🔍 With the aim of reinforcing the Hybrid Participation Office, at Platoniq Foundation, we are looking for individuals who have knowledge and experience in designing processes and methodologies for deliberation and citizen participation, group facilitation, and group dynamics in both physical and digital formats.

😊 We are thinking of someone who can take responsibility for participation projects at the regional, national, and international levels, which is why fluency in English and Catalan is essential. This is a hybrid profile that understands the innovative, technological, and social activities of the Platoniq Foundation.

😉 Does the idea excite you? We look forward to receiving your application soon at goteo.cc/tecnicadeliberacion!

The Manifesto for Climate Democracy 🗳️

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🚩 Climate change is not a possibility, it is a reality. But even more concerning is the slowness with which measures are being taken to mitigate its effects. This is the cry for help conveyed in the Manifesto for Climate Democracy.

🌊 Alongside the Marea Deliberativa initiative, we at the Foundation also believe that Citizen Assemblies are the key to addressing the climate emergency and other issues.

👉 That's why we, together with 17 organizations and unions, have launched the Democracy for Climate manifesto, which calls for expanding democracy to confront the climate emergency.

🌱 Today, we also want to invite you to read this new article featured in the Wilder Journal, which discusses the importance of citizen participation in decision-making regarding the environment and other social issues. We encourage you to sign it here as well.

See you in 15 days! 😜

That's all for now. We hope this newsletter has encouraged you to keep moving towards the society for all that we are slowly approaching. See you next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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