Thinking about the collective cheques we delivered to the first successfully cofunded projects in Goteo, it occurred to us that a good way to visualise the support given to the projects would be to create a graphic solution to show the avatars of the users in proportion to their contributions.

It should appear on the homepage of each campaign, as an external element that can be embedded in other websites/blogs etc or have an address (see example). Thinking about it later, depending on how you look at it, it emulates that famous web hit of 2005, The Million Dollar Homepage :)

And here it is, quick and dirty, needing improvement, like everything in this life, but working - the wall of backers which is automatically activated when a project reaches 20% of the minimum sum. Even though there are many users who are sure to feel ok with a drop as an avatar and others who choose anonymity when they contribute, we believe it is an interesting exercise.

It's the first in a series of developments which we'll be applying to the platform, opening up data from the system. In this way Goteo can facilitate the visualisation of crowdfunding according to types of projects, dynamics of participation and other indicators, using tools or better said, modules, which facilitate the understanding and study of crowdfunding and which we think are needed to help to get to know this new paradigm better. .

We continue proposing fantastic projects. which are going further in their objectives, activating the commons in different ways and proposing new methods of participation which complement financial contributions. If you are following Goteo and haven't contributed yet, your face or drop could be in one of these walls of backers! If you have already contributed, maybe it's time to update your avatar. ;)