We can't keep still! After programming the wall of backers we've been working on some improvements to the present platform:

  • Activity flow on the homepage : gives prominence to any new actions on the platform through better visibility in such a way that Goteo updates as well as those of the projects and user activity is shown chronologically. If someone wants to donate without their identity being known, they can always use the anonymous option.
  • Buttons to donate and collaborate: this seems obvious but we haven't had it up until now. It's simply a one click way to send a message of collaboration or a financial donation to a concrete item instead of just having a general button. It seems to work, from what we've seen ;)
  • Feeder Capital Call page: It's not visible yet although we've been busy on it - you can get an idea from the image on this post. It's a way for kindred public or private entities to make a call for projects on any topic or from a geographic region, and also to sow it with Feeder Capital.

At the same time we're continuing to develop the format of our crowdfunding workshops, the last of which has taken place last week at Citizen Art Days in Berlin. What are the crowdfunding workshops? They're a dynamic analogue version of Goteo and all of the knowledge created around it.

And (of course) we're continue to publish essential projects: How to End Evil, an album to be recorded using renewable energy, a sonata of the Mexican drugs war, a platform to qualify qualification agencies, an audiovisual festival in public spaces in Gijón, an ebook of collective citizen knowledge, a widely distributed publication for the self-management of the next 15M...wow!