At Goteo we understand that feminism is for every day, every day 📆. What is to celebrate on the 8M? 🙆
Well, the progress achieved in the struggle throughout the year. And the next day, continue moving forward 💁.

For them we remember, we congratulate and dedicate the article Feminism is Equality to our colleagues of #37històries and #PorTodas in its objective of visualizing violence of the patriarchal society: the first documenting the incipient machismo in adolescence 👩🏽👱🏼♀️ and the collective empowerment, the second revisiting the stories of the 55 women murdered in Spain in 2014 as to demand responsibilities ⚖️ and collect examples positive which could inspire to advance in the fight against sexist violence.

Also take the opportunity to promote those that are still active, in which you can collaborate today, such as Azaar, whom makes women with functional diversity visible 🧜🏼♀️🧚🏻♀️🧝🏼♀️♀️ from creativity, fun and critical awareness; FemBook, a virtual platform designed to promote and make visible the plurality of movements and organizations that fight and work for the empowerment of women in the world 👩🏻 🎤👩🏻🌾🧕🏼👩🏻🏫 and RedesVivas, a meeting space where to facilitate art from the caring of life.

Also ReseteArt, a social intervention program with an active gender perspective which promotes a comprehensive approach to the prevention of addictions and gender violence with young people in leisure contexts ⛹🏼️🤼♀️🧘🏽♀️ and, of course, invite you to enjoy the opportunity of watching the documentary film and digibook under creative license commons on community health and care 👵🏼👴🏽👶🏼🧒 that was successfully financed in 2017, Los Cuidados.