Help us build a Tipi for Petit Eden!

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Financié le 31 / 12 / 2023
£ 2,027
£ 1,678
£ 3,357
24 Cofinanceurs
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    Petit collaborator

    Invitation to the Tipi opening party
    Fabric bag with petit eden illustration

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    Great Collaborator

    Invitation to the Tipi opening party
    Fabric bag with petit eden illustration
    Meditation session in the Tipi

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    Tipi Shaman

    All Great Contributor reward
    Your name embroidered on one of the fruits of the rug that we will make for the tipi

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    Protector of the Petit

    All Great Contributor reward
    Your name on a clay star with your name on the path to the Tipi

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    Official Support

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    Special mention on our website and Instagram as an individual or collaborating association

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    Extraordinary official support

    Special mention on our website and Instagram as an individual or collaborating association.
    Talk by our educational team to explain our project, development objectives and collaboration possibilities (only for collaborating associations, institutions or companies).

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À propos du projet

A small effort from everyone will allow Petit Eden to have its Tipi this Fall

Budget Matériel Minimal Optimal
Wooden platform
Budget for the construction of the tipi base
£ 629
Foundation and wall
Concrete block wall that will support the tipi and the floorboard.
£ 336
Tipi Stove
A heater to keep the tipi warm during the winter months.
£ 503
Pedagogical Material
For the renewal of teaching materials and the purchase of additional materials for the new space
£ 168
Budget Tâche Minimal Optimal
Tipi Assembly
Cost allocated to the day of assembly of the tipi.
£ 168
Assembly of the Base and Parquet
A wall of concrete blocks is built that will support the type and flooring of the floor. It will have to be coated with earth-colored mortar so that it integrates with the environment. Afterwards, a bed of gravel must be made in the defined space, to drain any possible moisture. A geotextile must be included to prevent plants from growing. The floor structure is formed with a framework of wooden and steel beams, where the tipi platform will rest. Finally, the floor of the tipi is built with wooden planks, forming a pattern suitable for the circular shape of the tipi.
£ 671
Stove Installation
Labor cost for the correct installation of the stove in the tipi
£ 168
Textiles for the new tipi space
Additional costs to purchase cushions, rugs and all the necessary elements to make it a cozy place for children.
£ 168
Budget Infrastructure Minimal Optimal
Additional cost to purchase a larger tipi
Initially, a tipi for €900 was ordered, which was advanced, but the opportunity has arisen to acquire a larger size for an additional amount of €600, which would allow physical activities (dancing, psychomotor skills, etc.) to be carried out and with more children.
£ 441
Crowdfunding platform financing and bank commissions
Commissions that must be paid at the end of the campaign: 5% Drip, 0.8% Banks and PayPal 3.4% + €0.35 for each transaction.
£ 105
Total £ 1,678 £ 3,357

Informations générales

The Petit Eden is an educational project created by a multicultural group of families. Our intention is to integrate the various elements of life in an environment that allows and encourages openness to explore the spontaneity of being oneself, from love and respect, allowing us authentic and constantly evolving learning.

At Petit Eden children are in contact with nature, in a space that transmits harmony and union with the Earth. Through play and experiencing activities in relaxed, prepared and welcoming environments, children Children are accompanied taking into account their authenticity, their learning rhythms, their life processes and their motivations.

The project needs a new space to be able to carry out the daily activities, so that the children can be distributed in different spaces when they carry out the different activities of the day, especially at the time of year when it is colder or hotter.

We want to create a unique and welcoming space surrounded by nature. Our school is located in a privileged natural environment, surrounded by forest and vineyards. We want to take advantage of this opportunity to offer girls and boys a special place where they can learn in a playful and creative way, and enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

Caractéristiques principales

One of the main objectives of El Petit Eden is for it to be an integrative project for all types of families, trying to find creative proposals to advance the project without this entailing an unaffordable cost for families, which is why we want to This project will open the option for you to also help us make a project like this grow and guarantee the needs of the children and companions of Petit Eden.

The Tipi project will represent a great improvement that will add additional space to carry out dance, psychomotor, emotional development or music activities in a welcoming environment. The tipi, with its wooden poles and the canvas that surrounds it, creates a calm and cozy environment that is closed and open at the same time, connected to the outside, with the light and sounds of the forest.

We need to install a large tipi with a base of 9 square meters with capacity so that groups of 10 children can move freely in the space.

The main structure will be installed on a wooden platform, a comfortable, practical and warm floor, which will guarantee the durability of the tipi. The platform will also be an effective thermal insulator that prevents humidity in the space.

The tipi will be built by professionals in the construction of wooden structures and natural materials, and will comply with all necessary safety regulations.

Pourquoi est-ce important

To make this project a reality, we need your help. Your contribution will be vital to cover the construction costs of the tipi. It may seem like little to you but you help us a lot. Every grain of sand counts!

We need the efforts of the mothers and fathers who are currently part of the Petit Eden community, but also of friends and family who know that projects like these have incalculable value and yet they still do not receive sufficient support from institutions.

We also hope to get the support of people like you, interested in an integrative education connected to nature.

Join our campaign and help build a unique and magical space for our boys and girls! Thank you for your collaboration!

Remember that your donation is tax deductible. Record the donation in your income tax return and the Treasury will return up to 80% of your contribution (80% for the first €150 and 35% for the rest of the contribution you make). You can use the tax calculator to check your tax savings:

Expérience antérieure et équipe

The Petit Eden companions are a human team trained to care for and respect the vital processes of children, their desire to learn and their innate natural curiosity.

We provide the pedagogical vision of the project, offering a loving, familiar, trusting and tender environment so that the child can be himself, can decide and relate fully with others and above all can learn and respect his own rhythm.

We learn every day by accompanying children to experience, explore and feel their inner selves in daily contact with nature.
The team is made up of:

Emilia Calderón, expert in the Montessori methodology, accompanying children through powerful communication and practicing ATB (Awakening consciousness through cos).

Tania Garcia, educator specialized in living education and trained in systemic therapy. She accompanies the childhood stage, passionate about free play and facilitator of psychomotor and body expression proposals.

Oriol Rocamora, architect and trained in living education. Accompanying the greats in the learning processes that occur on a daily basis.

Marina Varela, musician, artist and trained in living education. Accompanying the greats and the presence of music in everyday life.

Carmen Fernández, early childhood educator, trained in living, systematic and permaculture education. She accompanies the children in appropriating the garden area and the nature that surrounds us with respect and knowledge.

Cara Turner, native EFL teacher, trained in living education, fine arts and photography. Interested in people and the holistic development of people.

María de la Peña, trained in early childhood education, accompanying the learning of boys and girls of the heart.

Rosa Espinosa, community educator and trained in living education. Accompanying team substitutions.

Junio Gulinelli, Gestalt therapist and accompanying the infants in the afternoons.

Silvia Gabriela Valenzuela


Engagement social

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Good Health and Well-Being

    Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

  • Quality Education

    Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

    Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

    There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.