Electro-Prepared Piano: The Sound of Tomorrow

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Financié le 04 / 12 / 2020
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€ 4.000
€ 8.000
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  • Pour € 10

    Unreleased Tune + Thanks.

    By donating 10 euros you will receive an unpublished song by Juan J. Ochoa, and your name will appear among the patrons of this project.

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  • Pour € 20

    Concert + Bag

    At the end of this campaign, a special concert will be held at Fabra i Coats in Barcelona on December the 16th. Ochoa will play songs from his previous albums Longing for Breath and In Progress, and he will present his new album Without Orpheus, with unreleased songs that fuse electronics and prepared piano. It will be a very special evening with guest artists and it will be followed by a Q & A and drinks.

    In addition, on the same day of the concert you will receive this exclusive cloth bag designed by Ochoa in collaboration with the illustrator Jaume Marco and a link to download a new unreleased song in a limited digital edition.

    Limited seats available.

    In case of change in the date due to the current regulations on capacity and live performances, the new date will be announced well in advance, and the possibility of streaming will be offer for those who can not attend.

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  • Pour € 35

    Mask + Streaming Concert

    Get your handmade mask designed and stamped by PEDRA - Art and Costume Company in collaboration with Juan J. Ochoa. High-quality, washable and organic cotton, with double side and filter pocket. Choose your favourite design.


    In addition to your mask, this reward includes the download of an unreleased song and an exclusive online concert, followed by a Q & A where you can participate with your questions and suggestions. Do not miss it!

    Shipping costs included.

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  • Pour € 40

    Prepared Piano Workshop

    Do you want know how to play a prepared piano? How do you make it sound like a percussion or a string instrument, or even a synthesizer?

    Two online sessions of 2 hours each, address not only to musicians or music students, but also to all of you who are interested in learning about the prepared piano.

    During the first session we will talk about the history of this way of playing. We will discuss the materials and techniques that can traditionally be used and how to use them properly, so that they do not harm the instrument. Materials such as scores and recordings will be shared, and small improvisations and exercises will be proposed to practice.

    In a second session, your own compositions will be shared, and modern techniques and their fusion with electronics will be studied in depth, proposing new actions and possibilities that we can design together for future compositions.

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  • Pour € 50

    CD "Longing for Breath" + Concert + Bag

    Get a signed copy of Ochoa’s first album Longing for Breath in CD. Shipping costs included.

    This album was the author's definitive immersion into the universe of the prepared piano and contains music inspired by Spanish folklore, Middle Eastern music, French Impressionism and North American minimalism. It also includes a photo compilation of the show directed and choreographed by Manuel Badás, for whose soundtrack this album was composed.

    With this contribution you will also receive an invitation to the concert that will take place on December the 16th in Barcelona, where you will receive an exclusive cloth bag and the download of an unreleased song by the composer.

    In case of not being able to attend the live concert, the album and bag will be sent to you by post, along with the unreleased song, and you will have exclusive access to a streaming concert with a Q & A.

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  • Pour € 1.500

    Private Concert

    A private concert with the artist's repertoire for piano solo, including works such as Crystalline, Mediterraneum, Longing for Breath or In Progress.

    You will also receive the entire merchandising kit, which includes:

    Unreleased theme.
    Possibility of attending the recording of one of the videos from Ochoa's new album.

    Remember that by making this donation through GOTEO, the amount will be deducted in your next tax return. Check here the tax calculator: https://en.goteo.org/calculadora-fiscal

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  • Pour € 2.500

    In Progress Live

    In Progress private concert, where Ochoa, along with Marta Azparren, Pau Escutia and other guest artists, will present a repertoire of previous albums and new songs taking from his upcoming new album. An opportunity to see and hear a unique anthology of music from the present and the future on a small stage.

    In addition, this reward makes you an official sponsor of the presentation video of the next album, with the right to product placement and special mention.

    Remember that by making this donation through GOTEO, the amount will be deducted in your next tax return. Check here the tax calculator: https://en.goteo.org/calculadora-fiscal

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  • Pour € 4.000

    Prepared Piano Rave

    A soirée with an exclusive atmosphere. The live performance of the artist new project, with a scenography adapted to the place of your choice among the eligible rooms or locations.

    With this reward, you will become the main patron of Electro-Prepared Piano, official sponsor of the presentation video of the next album, and you will be able to promote your brand through product placement or other advertising modality.

    Remember that by making this donation through GOTEO, the amount will be deducted in your next tax return. Check here the tax calculator: https://en.goteo.org/calculadora-fiscal

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BABYLON FALLS - New Single / Nuevo Single

25 | 03 | 2021
BABYLON FALLS - New Single / Nuevo Single

(english below)

Han sido unos meses muy duros de trabajo tras el final de la campaña de Crowdfunding. Tras la grabación del concierto en directo el pasado diciembre en Barcelona, el director Albert Carreras y yo hemos trabajado sin descanso para poder editar la versión del concierto en vivo, y varios videoclips extraidos de aquella noche, que suponen los primeros pasos de nuestro proyecto de ELECTRO PREPARED PIANO.

Y para empezar a abrir boca, hoy por fin se estrena BABYLON FALLS, un tema en colaboración con Pau Escutia en la producción y Marta Azparren en los audiovisuales, y que cerraba aquel concierto del pasado diciembre. Estamos super contentos con el resultado, y el trabajo de todo el equipo, y queríamos dar las gracias a todas las personas que habéis participado en esta campaña de Goteo, porque sin vuestras aportaciones este videoclip no hubiera sido posible.

Os dejamos aquí el enlace para que lo disfrutéis, y si queréis seguir apoyando el proyecto no dejéis de comentar y subscribíos al canal de YouTube, significa una gran ayuda para nosotros.

Muchas gracias de nuevo y muy pronto .... ¡más noticias!

*It's been a very hard period of work after the end of this Crowdfunding campaign. We recordded the live concert last December in Barcelona, with director Albert Carreras. Together, we have been working tirelessly to be able to edit the live version of it, and several music videos taken from that night, which represent the first steps of our project ELECTRO PREPARED PIANO.

*And as a first result, our new single viedo, BABYLON FALLS, premieres finally today. It is a song in collaboration with Pau Escutia in the production and Marta Azparren in the visuals. We are very excited about the result and the work of the whole team, and we wanted to thank all the people who have participated in this Goteo campaign, because without your contributions this video would not have been possible.

Here below you can find the link. I hope you enjoy it.**

If you want to continue supporting this project, please comment and subscribe to the YouTube channel, it means a great help for us.

*Thank you very much. More news very soon!***


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