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Financié le 07 / 01 / 2015
£ 11,303
£ 8,567
£ 12,579
111 Cofinanceurs
  • Pour £ 8

    Digital Thank You Postcard

    All donations of 10€ and up will receive a digital "thank you" postcard with images donated by artists and photographers in solidarity with the project.

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  • Pour £ 17

    Collectives in Action Kit

    Stickers and postcards from Collectives in Action, sent to your home.

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  • Pour £ 34


    Double-sided, folding poster illustrating stories of resistance, resilience, and solidarity from Mexico to Colombia. A graphic more than 9 years in the making produced by the Beehive Design Collective. + Collectives in Action, sent to your home.

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    Mobile Laboratory T-shirt

    A t-shirt designed by the Collectives in Action + Collectives in Action Kit, sent to your home.

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  • Pour £ 126

    GRAVADO "Una pinta por Mesoamerica"

    Por cada donación hay una recompensa de un gravado único donado por artistas y colectivos que se indentifican con el proyecto.

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  • Pour £ 211

    Your name in the Mobile Laboratory

    We'll put your name or the logo of your organization or collective in a designated space on our website, as well as in a space dedicated to collaborators in the mobile laboratory. + Poster + T-shirt + Collectives in Action Kit, sent to your home.

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  • Pour £ 421

    Visit the Autonomous Center

    Come visit the Autonomous Center for the Intercultural Creation of Appropriate Technologies (CACITA) in Oaxaca, Mexico for 3 - 4 days, with room and board. We'll share our 10+ years of experience cultivating grassroots alternatives, as well as practical knowledge of eco-technologies. + Recognition by CACITA + Graphic poster + T-shirt + Collectives in Action Kit, sent to your home.

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  • Pour £ 674

    Join the Mobile Laboratory

    Come and form part of the Caravana for the well-being of Mesoamerican peoples in resistance for one week. We will share the experiences and alternatives that we build from Mexico to Panama.

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À propos du projet

Autonomous alternatives for well-being

Budget Infrastructure Minimal Optimal
Adquisición del transporte
Camión: Fleetwood Motor Homes, Año 1995, Modelo R45. Camión - 8167.60€; Papeles de transito - 1,166.80€.
£ 7,860
Budget Tâche Minimal Optimal
Comisiones de Goteo, Paypal, banco, aproximadamente 9%
£ 707
Budget Matériel Minimal Optimal
Equipamiento del Laboratorio
Cubrir los materiales y herramientas faltantes para modificar el transporte en un laboratorio ambulante, con una cabina radiofónica, un estudio de video y televisión comunitaria, y un centro demostrativo de ecotecnias, equipado de herramientas para la realización de talleres de estos mismos. Adaptación de energía solar y otras tecnologías: €1,108.46; Remodelación y acondicionamiento de transporte en centro de medios: €583.40; Transmisor de radio de 10 watts: €291.70; Mixer de audio 6 canales: €172.10; Paquete de micrófonos: €175.02; Grabadora de audio portátil: €274.39; Camera de estudio para producciones en directo: €933.44; Camera de foto/video: €1.225.08.
£ 4,012
Total £ 8,567 £ 12,579

Informations générales

We will document and share autonomous alternatives for well-being in communities throughout Mesoamerica. The mobile laboratory will travel to indigenous communities, barrios, and farming villages in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, seeking to demonstrate through the voices of those directly affected how autonomous alternatives are cultivated in the face of territorial displacement. We will chronicle and foster the use of independent media and eco-technologies as tools that strengthen communal well-being.

This work is being realized by Collectives in Action, an open network of collectives, organizations, and individuals from Mexico, Germany, the United States, and other parts of the world, who apply and promote the appropriation of these tools.

The caravan for the well-being of Mesoamerican peoples in resistance is being planned in collaboration with communities from Mexico to Panama and will head south from Mexico during the first trimester of 2015.

Caractéristiques principales

We will promote the application of socially appropriate technologies, or eco-technologies: alternative and non-contaminating tools adapted to the well-being and self-determination of each community. These tools include pedal-powered machines, solar energy, ecological toilets, and systems for the collection and recycling of water, amongst others.

We will collectively produce community-based radio and television, asking questions and listening to the voices of the peoples of Mesoamerica. We also will broadcast the bottom-up alternatives that communities generate in the face of the plundering of natural resources which takes place in the name of human development.

All of these materials will be given to the communities we work with, as well as shared with free use and distribution on our website:


Pourquoi est-ce important

We seek to generate consciousness by broadcasting the voices of communities from Mexico to Panama. We will share skills and tools with the aim of strengthening communities that are struggling to preserve indigenous ways of being and protect natural resources as a common good.

Objectifs de la campagne de crowdfunding

The goal of this campaign is to raise the minimum funds necessary for the purchase of a used vehicle, which will bring us to the communities we are collaborating with.

If we reach our maximum goal, we will transform the vehicle into a mobile laboratory, equipped with a radio cabin and a studio for community-based video and television. The laboratory will also serve as a demonstrative center of eco-technologies, equipped with tools to realize workshops and supply energy.


Expérience antérieure et équipe

Our team is enriched by the experience of collectives, organizations, and individuals from Mexico, Germany, and the United States, amongst other countries, who are dedicated to the grassroots use of independent media and socially appropriate technologies, and who form Collectives in Action for the Well-being of Mesoamerican Peoples in Resistance:

CACITA: A collective in Oaxaca, Mexico, with more than 10 years of experience developing eco-technologies such as pedal-powered machines.
transgalaxia e.V.: A collective in Northeast Germany that promotes exchange between social movements in Latin America and Germany.
Los Tejemedios: An national articulation of individuals and collectives that produce independent media in Mexico.
The Beehive Collective: The Beehive Collective: A U.S. arts and graphics collective whose “Mesoamérica Resiste” project illustrates stories of resistance, resilience, and solidarity from Mexico to Colombia.

For the complete list of our alliances, visit our website at:


Engagement social