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Financié le 12 / 03 / 2015
$ 17,740
$ 12,941
$ 16,392
279 Cofinanceurs
  • Pour $ 11

    Mention on L'Automàtica's website

    We will create a section dedicated to this campaign. In it we will list all the people and entities who have granted their support and collaboration.

    > 17 Cofinanceurs
  • Pour $ 22

    Special edition gratitude print

    We will create a special edition graphic piece designed and printed with movable type on cotton paper by the L'Automàtica team. This will be the last piece printed in the original premises. Along with acknowledgement on the website.

    > 128 Cofinanceurs
  • Pour $ 54

    Pack of 3 original L'Automàtica prints

    Selection of 2 original pieces printed during the last few years in L'Automàtica along with a copy of the aforementioned special edition gratitude print.

    > 63 Cofinanceurs
  • Pour $ 86

    Take part in an introductory workshop on the process of printing with movable type

    Our introductory workshops are hands-on one day intensive workshops. We will put together groups of 6 people per session. Dates will be proposed once this campaign has been completed.

    > 15 Cofinanceurs
  • Pour $ 194

    Printing of personalised business cards

    By granting this amount you will receive 250 personalized business cards composed using movable type and printed in one ink on cotton paper or recycled card. You can attend and assist during the entire production process if you're interested.

    > 18 Cofinanceurs
  • Pour $ 270

    Guided visit for groups from schools, institutions or universities

    A 2 to 3 hour session in L'Automàtica with detailed demonstrations and explanations outlining the processes required to print a piece using movable type. This reward is designed for groups from schools, institutuions or universities who would like to see this process up close. From the process of composing type to the printing of complete copies in L'Automàtica's presses.

    > 06 Cofinanceurs
  • Pour $ 324

    Custom workshop

    A day in L'Automàtica. With the assistance and guidance of members of the association, you can come for a whole day to experiment with all the materials available in L'Automàtica. The pieces produced during this session will be for you to keep. If you have a project in mind, please get in contact with us so we can analyse if it is viable to produce in a day.

    > 02 Cofinanceurs
  • Pour $ 1,618

    Custom printing workshop for schools, institutions and universities

    A 3-day intensive workshop designed specifically for schools and institutions. In this case, the members of L'Automàtica will get in contact with you to specifically design a workshop with the aim of integrating it with an educational program or adjusting it to the specific interests of an institution. Based on previous experience we recommend that these workshops do not exceed 12 students. In the case that it might be more than 12, please get in touch with L'Automàtica to study options.

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À propos du projet

Letterpress, collectivism, independent publishing and cultural basis in danger!

Budget Tâche Minimal Optimal
Moving of the machines and equipment
Letterpress printing machines and equipment are delicate objects which require a special form of move carried out by qualified technicians. This move includes the disassembling, transportation and installation of the machines and equipment in the new premises.
$ 8,627
Budget Infrastructure Minimal Optimal
Basic adaptations of the new premises
The refurbishment of the electrical system in the new space and the fixing in place of the machines in their new location are essential.
$ 4,314
Adaptation of new premises to the real needs of L'Automàtica
Given that one of L'Automàtica's main activities is carrying out workshops, the space must meet the minimum requirements for this purpose (lighting, safe flooring, painting of space, chemical storage, furniture, etc.)
$ 3,451
Total $ 12,941 $ 16,392

Informations générales

We are being forced to leave our current space. Help us keep L'Automàtica alive.

L'Automàtica is a non-profit cultural association and local print shop. Established in 2011 to salvage and keep the machinery running in an old family run print shop (established in 1963) on Carrer de Grassot in the Gracia area of Barcelona, we are currently dedicated to self-publishing, experimentation and dissemination in the field of graphic arts.

We have managed to maintain this space, full of history and testimony to the recent trajectory of the graphic printing industries, with our own resources and were carefully and patiently fixing it up. But with the coming into force of the Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos (Law on Urban Leases) on the 1st of January 2015, we are now being forced to abandon this marvellous space, very much against our will.

This move by far exceeds the economic reach of our self-managed non-profit association. This is why we urgently need your help, both economic and/or logistic.

Caractéristiques principales

This campaign aims to raise the necessary funds to keep L'Automàtica alive.

Due to the expiration of the lease contract that we have in our current space in the Gracia neighbourhood (one of the many old leases that have expired with the coming into force of the aforementioned LAU law) and fed up with the pressure exerted upon us by the owners of the property, we now find ourselves forced to put our activities on hold in order to rebuild the project in a new and safe headquarters. One that hopefully grants us guarantees of continuity.

This means transferring all the material we currently have to a new location. The material we have is complex and delicate: two Heidelberg windmill platen presses (weighing around 2 tons each), a manual-feed semi-automatic Iberica platen press, a GTO 52 offset printing machine and a Haas guillotine are the heavy-weights. Along with various other machines, we have tons of lead and wood type, office furniture, distributors, inks, paper, tools, etc… Everything that's needed for L'Automàtica to continue being what it is.

Pourquoi est-ce important

This campaign is directed at everyone who believes in projects constructed from the heart, who believes in self-managed horizontal structures and believes in the development of the fabric of the cultural basis.

We would especially like to address everyone who is passionate about graphic production and traditional printing techniques: designers, artists and communicators as well as collective projects, schools and institutions. To all those who with their projects, visits and workshops have helped transform L'Automàtica into a place of dialogue and collaboration. And to everyone who has participated in the activities, concerts and performances programmed in L'Automàtica who, like us, believes in the need to maintain the continuity of open spaces like this one.


Objectifs de la campagne de crowdfunding

The primary objective of this campaign is to raise the necessary funds to make the transportation of L'Automàtica's machinery and material to a new location possible. It is also fundamental to be able to carry out basic technical refurbishments for the new space's adaptation and proper functioning of the machines.

Being a self-funded and self-managed association, we don not have the capacity to bear the costs of such a delicate endeavour, but we do have the tremendous will to make this endeavour a reality.

This brings us to our second objective: the small but no less important human contributions that any one of you can offer, all be it logistic advice, helping hands to pack boxes, making sandwiches for lunch or whatever useful ideas come to mind.


Expérience antérieure et équipe

L'Automàtica was established in 2011 as a non-profit cultural association. We are made up of a group of people who work actively in cultural and graphic communication projects. Even though we are all independent professionals in these fields, we have become apprentices of the fascinating world of printing. Thanks to the knowledge and teachings of Ferran Fandós, the master printer and heir of the old IFA print shop, we have learnt the foundations of the trade and prepared ourselves to be able to teach them to others.

During these past few years we have carried out multiple workshops with both local and international design schools and universities. L'Automàtica has also become a hub for the creation and production of countless projects related to independent publishing and experimental music, amongst many others, thus offering a new space in the city where dialogue on the state of current cultural issues can be generated.

On our website - www.lautomatica.org - you can find images, documentation and information relating to many of the projects and activities carried out by the association, as well as a list of the current members and links to the projects they are actively involved in.

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Engagement social

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Quality Education

    Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

    Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.