Financié le 16 / 05 / 2013
€ 10.500
€ 9.900
€ 14.750
220 Cofinanceurs
Pour € 10
Moneda social
Te enviaremos una moneda de la primera producción, para que inicies tu propia cadena de favores!
> 92 Cofinanceurs
Pour € 25
Te enviaremos una moneda para que inicies tu primera cadena de favores + Su packaging original, que es reutilizable, ecológico y se convierte en una cartera!
> 60 Cofinanceurs
Pour € 40
Pack doble
Te enviaremos 2 monedas para que inicies junto a otra persona una cadena doble de favores + 2 packaging originales: reutilizables, ecológicos y se convierten en una cartera
> 31 Cofinanceurs
Pour € 100
Mención especial
Mención especial en el mapamundi de acciones desinteresadas que estamos desarrollando + Te enviaremos 2 monedas para que inicies junto a otra persona una cadena doble de favores + 2 packaging originales: reutilizables, ecológicos y se convierten en una cartera
> 08 Cofinanceurs
Pour € 350
100 monedas para tu organización
Si tienes una organización con la que quieres comenzar 100 cadenas de favores, esta es tu oportunidad de ayudar al mundo! + Infografía con los datos de tus monedas para que puedas mostrar y compartir tu impacto en la sociedad
> 02 Cofinanceurs
Pour € 1.200
200 monedas y la posibilidad de monitorizar en tiempo real
Si eres una organización con la que quieres comenzar 200 cadenas de favores, esta es tu oportunidad de ayudar al mundo! + Te proporcionamos una web personalizada con tu imagen corporativa, para que puedes ver en tiempo real qué favores generan todas las monedas puestas en circulación
> 02 Cofinanceurs

À propos du projet

We manufacture and distribute social coins which represent random acts of kindness. They are not bought, neither sold. They are born, passed and planted, improving everyone's lives.
Tche Minimal Optimal
To finish the Web platform
We need 120 working hours of Web development
€ 3.600
Coins production
The final step is to mint 10.000 coins that we will distribute between the people we has helped us start, as well as selected NGO's.
€ 1.500
Mobile Application Development for facilitating traceability of coins
We will develop a mobile application for for users to follow easier the stories behind each coin. This application would be for iPhone and Android.
€ 4.850
Matériel Minimal Optimal
To manufacture the molds
We must manufacture an Inox mold that will allow us to mind 10.000 coins
€ 3.700
Packaging mold manufacture
We need to manufacture a mold to be able to cut the packaging
€ 500
The plastic material
We've achieved an agreement with multinational company that will provide us this unique material at a very low cost. This material is programmable, biodegradable and compostable.
€ 600
Total € 9.900 € 14.750

Informations générales

The Social Coin is a NGO fully dedicated to producing and distributing coins that initiate chains of random acts of kindness, which can be followed and measured.

How does it work?

  1. When handling a coin, think about the act of kindness you're going to do. It can be helping someone you know, or a complete stranger.
  2. Report what you're going to do on the website. Having a goal will help you achieve the attitude you need to perform it..
  3. Make it real. That's the most amazing part. Once you’re achieved your goal, you'll feel the positive effect.
  4. Give the coin to the person you've helped. He/she will be positively surprised.
  5. Pay it forward. Explain to the person, how The Social Coin works, and what has motivated you to help her/him.

Pay it forward

Caractéristiques principales

It’s a proven fact, random act of kindness improve people's lives both for the giver, and the receiver. Our money symbolizes commitment, surrender, trust and empathy. Each coin starts the act of kindness chain, which is reported on our website. Each coin has a unique code, and with it, you will be able to follow the path along each life it has touched. The coins are biodegradable, and contain a seed that can be planted at the end of the chain. Any organization can collaborate with The Social Coin by minting social coins which can be tracked in real time, allowing them to measure the positive impact in the world.

Pourquoi est-ce important

We've realized that performing acts of kindness is a source of universal happiness, any person can benefit from it.

Our goals include the research and massive distribution of social coins, with the aim of improving quality of life around the world (limited by our capabilities).

The Social Coin has been awarded the Youth Ashoka Changemakers 2012 prize.

We want to mint and distribute social coins among volunteer organizations, aiming the initiation of helping chains around the globe.

Objectifs de la campagne de crowdfunding

With the help of thousands of people we want to initiate this Project. Every one who donates will receive a social coin.

To date we have finished 50% of the website (coin tracking) and design.

With this campaign we are launching the project to the world, and at the same time hope to improve it. We will create different research papers which will help us understand how The Social Coin can change people's lives.

In order to launch the project we need to finish our website, purchase the final molds of the coins, finish the packaging dye, and begin production.

Expérience antérieure et équipe

Ivan Caballero - General Coordination (37 years old):

«After developing my knowledge in senior roles at different multinational companies, and studying in some of the most important international business schools, I decided to start a new stage in my professional career as an entrepreneur. That stage has led me to create and consolidate 3 technological start ups in the last 10 years. Since 2009 I'm helping social entrepreneurs and NGO's as a mentor and a philanthropist, specialized in new technologies. I've become addict to social innovation and I have to recognize that I'm very much excited to see The Social Coin project as a reality, feeling this project printed in my DNA.

Anna Closas - General Coordination (31 years old):

«Specilalized in International Trade I initiated my professional career as an account manager in a Global Networking Company, during the last 8 years in different positions. Inexhaustible dreamer and optimistic in every cell of my being, I'm volunteering in different social organizations with experience in Hospitals and Homeless people. I collaborate with different NGO's economically and by action. I believe in a better world and I'm fully compromised with anything that I believe it can improve it.

Edgar Pons - Product Engineer (22 years old):

«Fervent for Technology since I was a kid, I've grown up disassembling, observing and listening. Actually, I study Industrial Design Engineering, a perfect mix of art and technology. I always try to give the best of me in any occasion; Participate in the social coin project is a great experience and a challenge in order to see how far can a group get, when it focuses it's efforts in improving what they believe.

Koldobica Goikoetxea - Product Engineer (26 Years old)

«Always worried about helping others, I always tried to give the best of me to others, volunteering in different NGO's. I always received more than what I've given. The Social Coin is a perfect way to follow what I've initiated then.

Eloi Bellart - Product Engineer (23 years old):

«Student of Industrial Design focused in the product design, with a huge motivation to develop and improve ideas.

Ivan Pajares - Product Engineer (24 years old):

«Passionate for art, design and a huge imagination, I believe The Social Coin Project can help me fulfill my passions.

Laura Oliver - Designer (22 years old):

«I love design, that's what I study. I love everything related to it, also technology and culture. I also love social projects, The Social Coin combines all my passions.

Jordi Ros - Packaging Design (23 years old):

«After a large stage studying Business Administration I found more interesting product design, combining both worlds help me be a good contributor to The Social Coin Project.

Sergi Marzabal - Expert Programmer (45 years old):

Webmaster and creator of the website, which has 8000 users registered in 300 websites around the globe. Designer, painter, musician and sculptor, is a compulsive programmer when it's time to improve the world.

Engagement social