Creando Futuro: 10 años de educación para la participación

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Financié le 06 / 06 / 2014
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    Digital files + mention in the acknowledgments
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    Digital files + digital files of CRAC's practical notebooks + mention in the acknowledgments
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    Archivos digitales: A paper copy of the educational materials + digital files of CRAC's practical notebooks + mention in the acknowledgments
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    A paper copy of the educational materials + digital files and two paper books of CRAC's practical notebooks + mention in the acknowledgments
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À propos du projet

Education for youth participation

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Informations générales

Creando Futuro is a Youth Work NGOs and Councils Network that promotes Participation’s Learning with young people. Since 2003 we promote learning for participation with groups of young people in order to raise their habilities to develop proposals for action to transform their reality from their own concerns .
To promote Youth Participation, we develop an Itinerary of education for participation, through three different projects: Cantera (Quarry), with 13 to 15 years old boys and girl, Creando Futuro (Creating the Future), with young groups from 16 to 18 years old, and Formación Asociativa (Voluntary Training), with groups of young people from 18 to 25 years old. Throughout all the process we promote discussion and critical analysis of their realities, in order to reach autonomus action of the young people groups in their communities.

Caractéristiques principales

After 10 years working with young people through the education for participation itinerary, we are aware that the reality of the young people, and the young people itself, understood from their wide heterogeneity, have changed a lot from those with which we started to work 10 years ago. Because of that, we want to face the challenge of renew the educational materials we work with, trying to collect all the improvements and contributions that have been made during this time by the youth workers.

As we have already said, we are a network of people and entities that
try to build collectively. In this process we have grown and changed. We have multiplied our experience and knowledge about how we should work participation with young people, and we do not conceive a better way to celebrate our tenth anniversary than share this knowledge creating new teaching materials, that could be useful for everyone that is working the Education for Participation Itinerary, but also to people who work with young people and are interested in education for participation.

To do it, we have the exciting experience of the collective research and write of our experience. As a result of the process we expect to share two products:

  1. A web page that should work as library of digital contents for non-formal education, with open or Creative Commons licenses, which should be useful to youth trainers, teachers and technicians interested in promoting youth participation.

2 . A set of Education to Participation tools for Youth Workers. Four small books with the keys of owr education for youth participation Itinerary with the methodology, tools, resources and techniques and the history this ten years network experience.

The result of these materials will be available in the virtual library, released under appreciation and non-commercial Creative Commons 4.0 License. In addition, a limited number of copies for those interested in acquiring the materials and paper for those implicated in this crowdfunding number is printed.


Pourquoi est-ce important

In these 10 years we have failed and successed, we have learned, but often we have had to unlearned how we should do youth education in order to promote autonomy and critical awareness, we have met, talk and we have known each other.

Creando Futuro is not just a network of education for participation, but a school of life where we learn to participate and where we have built social and personal relationships. A school in which there is one thing that costs us more than anything: " put it into words " .

Our way of understanding education and youth intervention is always collective, through cooperation and networking, laying on respect and taking apart prejudice, from the promotion of autonomy that should help youth people to transit to the adult stage with vocation to be subjects of their reality and agents of change. This is why it’s so difficult to put it into words. But this year, for many reasons, we want to work in a collective way to improve our teaching materials, but also we want to finance them through a crowd, because we believe in the power of the collective action. It's in our DNA. And we want those materials to be open to anyone that could find them useful.

So we launched this campaign to call all the people that believe in the work we have done in the last ten years, or who work with young people and share our principles and those who believe in education for participation as a tool for social change is now more necessary than ever.


Objectifs de la campagne de crowdfunding

  1. Raise the resources that we need to finance the process of collaborative systematization and editing of our teaching materials and the development of a virtual repository of materials for non-formal education.

2 . Tell to the world about the job of education for youth participation and the aims that the Network have been developing for 10 years.

  1. Involve people outside the network in the process of editing the materials and in our work with young people.

Expérience antérieure et équipe

Creating Future born as a project in 2003 in Sevilla ( driven by the Resource Center for Associations CRAC ). Between 2006 and 2009, were years of progress in the development of methodology and we built the education for participation Itinerary. In 2006 Cantera (quarry) started in Seville promote by Collective Barrio, and at the same time new places and entities start to run the project with groups of young people in their places.
The Network brith was in 2010, with a distribute coordination model, composed by people responsible to coordinate each territory and a virtual platform and a couple of events to coordinate the joint action, as the same time of the projects consolidation.

Currently there are people, Youth NGOs and Councils from Sevilla, Huelva, Cádiz, Tenerife, Asturias, Madrid, Bizkaia, Badajoz y Salamanca

For more information you leave the link to our page / current blog:


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