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Financié le 02 / 07 / 2021
€ 6.231
€ 6.000
€ 8.000
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À propos du projet

Faneka's second album

Budget Tâche Minimal Optimal
Producing, recording, mixing and mastering, as well as merch.
This is the amount of money we'll be needing to cover the complete cost of recording, mixing and producing our album. We are thrilled to be working with Gonzalo Lasheras, one of Spain's best professionals in this field.... We've reduced our costs to the minimum, and so here we also include merchandising and the whole production of this project's promotional video.
€ 2.000
Durante 7 días, Gonzalo se dedica a colocar todas las pistas de nuestros 14 temas en su sitio, hasta que el cello, la guitarra, el cajón, los detalles... todo encaja.
€ 1.750
14 temas x 35€ Nadie sabe muy bien qué es la masterización excepto la gente que se dedica a hacerla, pero básicamente es algo muy importante en la industria de la música y tiene que ver con que las canciones suenen a canciones "de verdad", como las de la radio, a un volumen guapo.
€ 490
Gonzalo prepara el Disc Description Protocol, un protocolo con el que se describe la estructura e información a ser duplicada por la planta duplicadora. Su ventaja sobre otros métodos de entrega de CDS es que es 100% exacto.
€ 60
Fabricación de parches y camisetas usando serigrafía, hechos con materiales reciclados y en talleres totalmente artesanales. Contamos con dos equipos, uno en Cataluña y otro en Madrid.
€ 350
Producción, rodaje y montaje del video promocional de este crowdfunding, que considerábamos fundamental hacer atractiva y personal nuestra campaña y que nos ha servido para renovar nuestra imagen de cara a la promoción de 'Caliu'.
€ 350
More merch and to shoot some videos
There are many other costs that would be great to cover: materials used for the handmade rewards, trips back and forth between Barcelona and Madrid, Goteo's percentage... And mostly, the shooting of great videos. The more funding we get the more our creativity can unravel!
€ 2.000
Budget Matériel Minimal Optimal
Los materiales que hemos usado para confeccionar las recompensas, algunos de los largos viajes que hemos tenido que pagar de nuestro bolsillo para hacer posible la grabación, el porcentaje que le corresponde a Goteo y los gastos de envío de las recompensas son parte del proyecto también.
€ 1.000
Total € 6.000 € 8.000

Informations générales

FANEKA is Inés (guitar, lead vocals), Bruna (cello, vocals), Anika (violin, charango, vocals) and Miriam (cajón, percussions, vocals). We met in 2016 by chance and we've been consolidating ourselves as a band to get to where we are now. 'Caliu' will be an album where our evolution is reflected.

The music genre our music sounds like is between North American folk, balkan music, Spanish songwriters' sound and grunge rock, with relatively few elements: percussion, string instruments, and vocals. Guitar, cello, cajón and violin and an honest and unorthodox way of creating and living.

Faneka is a musical and human proposal of love, growth and healing from the deepest corners of intuition, creative freedom and each other's natural talent. We believe that music is something we all have, it's always there, you just have to see it for what it is: a beautiful part of Life and not a result of ego or a commodity.

Caractéristiques principales

This crowdfunding's goal is to finance the following expenses:

  1. The recording, mixing and mastering of the 14 songs that make the album
  2. The manufacturing of physical copies (CDs)
  3. The shooting of three music videos, one for each single we plan on releasing before the album itself

As rewards for those who participate, we've handmade every one of the items you will find here. Classic band merch is outdated for us, we like to share what each of us can do outside of music, and we also like to offer things with a very practical use.


Pourquoi est-ce important

With 'Caliu' we want to show the hard work of the past few years, getting to know each other musically, writing and arranging the songs together. A lot has changed since we recorded our first album, we've grown a lot as a band, and even those same songs have been evolving throughout the years as we have. Slowly, show after show, we've created our own sound and worked on it until feeling settled as a band. Now we've felt the need to portray all of this in an album, and we think we've succeeded. 'Caliu' reflects our essence, how we sound, look, and feel when we get together and make music.

This project is directed to you, who are reading this, and to all those people who are out there somewhere wanting to hear new music and to feel what we feel.


Expérience antérieure et équipe

We're so lucky to be working with Gonzalo Lasheras as a producer and sound engeneer. He's worked with musicians like Jorge Drexler, Silvio Rodríguez, Aute and more recently Kase O (all internationally known Spanish speaking musicians). In his cozy sudio just outside Madrid we feel home, and we think it'll show on the album. It's so important and often diffficult to enjoy the recording process and with Gonzalo we've really found out what it's like to sound good. Months of work, and a pandemic in the midst of it...we're so grateful and excited to see this project through.

Elena Zängerlein is the same artist who illustrated our first album. She's an inspiring professional, as well as an amazing friend, and we feel privileged to have her on our team again, transforming into image what our music sounds like to her. She's also the author of our brand new fish-logo!

For the promotional video we had Alberto Alepuz (Perropro) behind the cameras, Beatriz Coloma helping with art and makeup, and wonderful Anto López Espinosa as our actress/star/muse. We're grateful to the three of them for helping us materialize our dreamworld.

Patches have also been handmade by two different teams in Cataluña and Madrid:

And of course there are so many other people without with 'Caliu' wouldn't be possible... you're the most important one of them!

Anika had classical studies and decided to drop out of Music School to explore her five string violin more freely. She's been a part of several bands, currently being Faneka, La Pena and Ombligo.

Bruna adores ice cream. She graduated in Musicl School in Madrid, and with her cello as well as many other instruments, she loves jamming and collectively creating music.

Inés had interest in art, languages and communication since childhood, and she nurtured her imagination with sounds and landscapes from all over the world until finding songwriting. She's been exploring her voice and her relationship with guitar, feeling and intuition since she was fourteen. Inés writes for you, for herself, for Faneka and other projects.

While Miriam studied Journalism she started taking cajón lessons, and by the time she graduated she had decided to continue exploring Art. Also a poet, she currently raps in EL NO DE LAS NIÑAS and is a percussionist in Faneka.

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